Hi, I'm Jackie!

I'm a Doula and Photographer and I am so happy you're here! It's so hard to think of something to say about myself. I have two boys who look like I cloned their father twice over. My husband and I just celebrated 12 years together (July will be 11 married) and Indiana is our 5th state to live in together (thanks Army)! We recently moved to Indiana from Hawaii and it has been... an adjustment! I miss Hawaii and my business really thrived as I secured my place as a highly recommended Maternity, Birth, and Newborn Photographer & Doula. While I am sad I had to leave some very loyal clients, I am also excited to grow in a new community. I currently work a full time job with the City of Lafayette as a 911 Emergency Dispatcher and I love it! But I still LOVE to take sessions in a limited capacity to feed my creativity and keep up with my passion for Photography.

Most importantly though is my love for what I do. I capture Memories. Creating a Luxury, full service experience with your family that you can look back on and remember with laughter and joy. I want to provide you with a product that when you look at it, you want to REALLY look at it. You can feel all the feelings and see all of the love and emotion. I want it to be fun for you and I want you to leave me and the experience I give you feeling better than you ever have before.

I'm going to make you feel beautiful whether you like it or not! I'm going to tell you how incredible your body is for creating a human even though you think your changing body may resemble this livestock animal or that oceanic creature. I will snuggle your newborn and wrap them up nice and snug like they are my own and capture all of their special little details. I will document and translate the love I feel between your family into tangible photographs that can be passed down through your future generations. I will empower you to feel like a Goddess in your skin no matter what. YOU are perfect. Your family is perfect!

So don't worry, dive in! The water is fine. Leave all your worries in the car and let's create something magical together!

Photo by Larue Brooks Photography