Doula Services & Birth Photography

There is a term coined by those who do both, photography and offer Doula Services and its "Doulatog". I used to not like the term but it's starting to grow on me because that is exactly what I am! Birth Photography is one of my favorites! Birth is such a sacred and personal life event and allowing me to have that experience with you is something I will always hold dear to me. I am also a trained Doula, a birth support person. My Doula and Birth Photography packages go hand in hand and are very similar. Below you can read the details of both to see which one is best for you! For the military families, I am in the process of becoming a Tri-Care approved provider. Did you know that starting this year in 2022 they are covering the cost of Doula care for its members? You can read more information on that in my blog post about it!

I do have experience with the birth of multiples and have been invited into an operating room before. It is very important that you advocate for yourself and the desire to have a birth photographer or Doula with you and to communicate that to your provider.  Rest assured, I will stay out of the way and be a calming force in the room. I will do my best to give you everything you are looking to get from inviting a birth photographer or Doula in with you. It also allows your support person the opportunity to focus on you 100% and not worry about getting the right angle and lighting. That's my job! I want to help them help you effectively. And it would be nice for them to also be IN the photos instead of just taking them with a cell phone. I want to give you something to look back on and remember how incredible and strong you were on your baby's birth day. I keep an up to date record of Hospital Policies in the area so if you have any questions about the Hospital you plan to deliver at, just let me know and I can give you the information!

Birth Story

Pricing & Packages


Photographer will arrive at active labor
Will capture labor and delivery
Up to 2 hours postpartum coverage of baby's first latch, new baby procedures, and first family photos
Private Online Gallery
High resolution digital download of Full Gallery


Doula Services

In-Person or Virtual Consultation and Client In-take interview
2 Pre-Natal & 1 Postpartum appointments
Arrival to your home or birthing location at the on-set of labor
On Call from 37 weeks to Birth of baby
Hands on support through labor and delivery



This Package includes everything that the previous two packages include
Will arrive at the on-set of labor not in active labor
Will photograph through the whole journey
Private online Gallery
High resolution digital download of Full Gallery


Additional Birth Related Services

Maybe you just want help BEFORE you give birth. Maybe having a Doula isn't in your budget but you would like to have the information. That is great! I'm here for you! You are welcome to set up pre-natal appointments with me, purchase the items I provide my clients to have for your birth, and have access to the referral list I provide my clients too! We can have an appointment for belly casting and I even offer to decorate it for you! Below is a list of A la carte Doula Services I offer because I believe everyone should go in to their birth prepared even if having a Doula present isn't in their budget!

2 Hour Pre-Natal Appointment - $150

2 Hour Post-Natal Appointment - $150

Birth Affirmations Card Set - $25

Belly Casting - $75+ (additional decorating, personalization, and display options available)

Preparing for Your Birth Booklet - $100 (Complete Doula Client Set)

Personalized Birth Plan - $100